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Orlando is the most visited city in the United States. Are you one of the millions who have visited Orlando and are now looking for an immigration attorney to make Orlando your home? Or are you looking to bring your family members to Orlando? If so, you will need to navigate the complicated U.S. immigration laws to determine how to apply for and obtain legal status for yourself or your family member.

Contact Shannon Rosales Law, P.A. if you want assistance with your immigration questions. Lead attorney Shannon Rosales is an experienced Orlando immigration attorney who can represent you as you navigate the complicated legal issues around immigrating to the United States. Schedule a free consultation with Shannon Rosales Law, P.A. today to see how Attorney Rosales can assist.

What is immigration law?

Immigration law is the set of laws and regulations foreign nationals must follow when seeking temporary or permanent residency in the United States. 

Immigration law is enforced and overseen by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security—which includes U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection—and the Department of Justice, of which the Executive Office for Immigration Review is part. The Department of Labor also administers the labor certification program for employers.

Given the many departments overseeing immigration law, it is beneficial to have an Orlando immigration attorney to decipher what information you must send and to which department.

Who needs an Orlando immigration attorney?

Individuals and businesses that require assistance with navigating immigration laws need the aid of an Orlando immigration lawyer. Shannon Rosales Law, P.A. is ready to assist with the following immigration services:

Family-Based Immigration and Marriage Petitions

The Shannon Rosales Law, P.A. team assists individuals seeking citizenship or residency through their familial relationships. Shannon Rosales can help you with the application process if you are eligible for permanent legal status through marriage. 

Adjustment in Status and Waivers

An Orlando immigration lawyer can help individuals seeking an adjustment in their status or needing a waiver. Shannon Rosales helps individuals seeking to move from a temporary or asylum status to a permanent status. Attorney Rosales also helps individuals apply for waivers that permit them to enter or stay in the U.S.

Employer-Based Immigration

Immigration attorneys also help businesses looking to bring workers from foreign nations to the U.S. for permanent or temporary work. Attorney Rosales works with both employees seeking the status and the employers needing certification to sponsor foreign employees.

What does an Orlando immigration attorney do?

Orlando immigration lawyers support clients throughout the entire process of applying for status or a waiver. From deciding what status to seek to appealing negative decisions about your status, Shannon Rosales Law, P.A. is here to support you.

The team at Shannon Rosales Law, P.A. can help you identify and collect required documentation, such as police reports, previous immigration decisions, or other information needed to bolster your application. The team will ensure you submit the required documentation for the status or waiver you seek and meet any deadlines associated with your filings. The team will also submit your documentation to the appropriate agency or court.

Shannon Rosales provides guidance about whether your children are eligible for status in the U.S. She can also offer advice about whether you may work or attend school before you obtain a status or after you have been granted temporary or permanent residency in the U.S.

Why should I hire an Orlando Immigration Attorney?

As an Orlando immigration lawyer and a descendant of immigrants, Shannon Rosales has relationships with immigration officials and longstanding connections to the immigrant community in Florida. Shannon Rosales is bilingual in Spanish and English and provides competent representation throughout your immigration application and decision process. 

The team at Shannon Rosales Law, P.A. is committed to reuniting families through the immigration process. So whether you are helping your partner, child, brother, or parent move to the United States, we are here to help you. Shannon Rosales dedicates her practice to providing you with the competent and compassionate service your family needs as it navigates this process.

Shannon Rosales has years of experience dealing with complex and confusing American immigration laws. And she has years of experience getting successful outcomes for her previous clients. 

In addition to being complex, applying for statuses within the U.S. can be expensive, stressful, and time-consuming. Choose Orlando immigration lawyer Shannon Rosales when you need someone to guide you through the immigration process and be your advocate and ally.

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